They Live Inside Us


Welcome to our first feature film.

They Live Inside Us follows the story of Jake, a screenwriter dealing with a serious bout of writer's block. In hope of finding inspiration for his latest project, Jake takes his daughter to spend Halloween night in the notoriously haunted Booth House. He soon realizes that there is something evil in the house and he is living in his own horror story.

They Live Inside Us was originally created as a short film which also doubles as the fourth installment of The Witching Season horror anthology. This 30-minute short was used as a proof of concept to pitch a feature-length adaptation of the same story. We ended up running a successful crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to raise a small budget to make the film. Similar to the short, the feature will include an abundance of Halloween atmosphere and a variety of horror movie characters that is sure to appease horror fans and Halloween enthusiasts alike.

This has been a story in the making for many years, and thanks to many dedicated fans, it's finally happening. We’re hoping to premiere the film in Fall 2019.

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